About Parkovel

Trust over a decade

We serve you from an experience of 15 years

Worldwide Service

We ship all over the world.

Thousands of customers

Thousands of customers around the glob improve quality of their life using our product.

Affordable pricing

As it is an essential product for a long term usage, we work with lower margin, but quantity helps us to survive.


Our Speciality

Organic Farms

JJ Herbals collect all of our row materials from our own farms across India. We are proud to announce that, all of our farms are treated purely through organic process and with a high care for better quality and output.

Quality Production Process

Our Award winning production process is one of our major strengths, which helps us to stand out the market over a decade. Our customers are satisfied with the quality of product which comes through a high quality production and quality control sequence.We would like to highlight ISO, GMP and IAF standards for production and processing along with various awards that are listed in the awards page

Customer Relation

Our team is always here to support you with our experience and network with a high quality professionals. Because we try to maintain a good customer relation, we have a wide network of people with experience and knowledge related to Parkinson's Disease. You are always welcome to this group and we are happy to share the experience we achieved in this area

 Experience over a Decade

We are the pioneers in quality  processing of Mucuna Prurience  over a decade.

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