Parkovel Nidra (100ml)

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    Parkovel Nidra is a holistic combination of herbs that supports restful sleep and helps you wake up refreshed.

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    Use Parkovel Nidra to get relief from insomnia, disturbed sleep-wake cycle, fatigue and anxiety. Healthy sleep patterns are crucial as they allow the body to restore and rejuvenate while letting the mind process ,learn and de-stress. 

    Application to the head, temples, and soles of the feet helps ground the light and mobile nature of vata and balance the active nature of pitta, promoting heavier qualities needed for sleep.

    Promotes better sleep

    Sleep is the best meditation and it can lower the risk for serious health problems .Also reduces stress and improve your mood.

    Improve blood circulation

    Regular oil massages will help support natural blood flow in the blood vessels.It will help generate warmth and energy.

    Helps control hair fall

    A fantastic treatment for damaged hair. Nourish the scalp and encourage new hair growth. Also helps to control dandruff.

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